7 On Your Side gets back $1-million dollars in 2013

Seven On Your Side
December 13, 2013 2:55:11 PM PST
7 On Your Side is proud to let you know that we've helped people recover more than $1-million this year. And this latest story from New Jersey, put 7 On Your Side over the top.

The New Jersey chef has been on his last leg for months.

He says the victim of a bum prosthetic leg and then an insurance company turned its back on him.

It was time for an early Christmas present from 7 On Your Side.

Victor Dai may not have his right leg, but that never slowed down the chef. He's used to being on his toes, usually in front of a stove.

Yet for the last six months, he's been knocked off his feet.

"So you were homebound?" 7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda asked.

"Pretty much, pretty much," Dai said.

When he was 17, a drunk driver slammed into the moped Victor was driving.

"My leg was severed, reattached," Dai said.

His reattached leg was functional, until an infection in 2005.

"They had to amputate it above the knee," Dai said.

Ever since, a high-tech titanium prosthetic leg got him around.

That was until Victor shed more than 150 pounds, the leg no longer fit, and then earlier this year, the microchip control stopped working.

"I was falling multiple times and I've fallen and ended in the hospital and rehab about three times," Dai said.

The old leg was out of warranty and beyond fixing. To top it off, his insurance denied coverage on a new one to replace it.

"And how much is that?" Pineda asked.

"They said it's over $100,000," Dai said.

Luckily, the prosthetic company loaned him another leg, but after the insurance denial that ended.

"They said you got to give the loaner leg back?" Pineda said.

"Yes," Dai said.

"And they're going to give you back your old broken leg?" Pineda said.

"Yes," Dai said.

"That causes you to fall?" Pineda said.

"Yes," Dai said.

That didn't sound right, so 7 On Your Side called Hanger Prosthetics and within minutes, his leg loan was extended.

"So that was a big change?" Pineda said.

"That was the big change," Dai said.

Then 7 On Your Side talked to his insurance company and hours later, Victor's claim went from dissed to delight.

"I was ecstatic. I get goose bumps right now talking about it," Dai said.

Two weeks later 7 On Your Side was at Hanger Prosthetics when Victor took his new high tech leg for a spin.

"This foot is amazing, I'm loving it," Dai said.

And soon, Victor was walking out on his own.

"7 On Your Side is wonderful, if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have this leg," Dai said.

Victor says after 7 On Your Side got involved, Hanger paid Victor's $18,000 co-pay.

So Victor didn't owe a cent.

The insurance company said it denied Victor's claim because it needed doctors records it only got after 7 On Your Side got involved.

What's also significant for 7 On Your Side is if we add in Victor's victory, we've gotten back more than a million dollars this year for our viewers! Thanks for coming to us to be on your side!