Residents in Bronx building without heat or hot water

Jim Dolan has the story
December 13, 2013 5:20:27 PM PST
The stove in Araceles Colon's apartment goes constantly now. It is the only way she can keep any heat at all in her apartment. And because her home is so inhospitable, her daughter, a quadriplegic, can't live with her.

"Four days, it's been four days up until today. No heat, no hot water. And I have to have my oven on. I've got to have my stove on, with boiling water," said Colon.

The entire building, all sixteen apartments, are cold. The landlord hasn't provided heat in at least four days and many of residents are families with small children, like Yolanda Briggs and her son Elijah, whose oven and stove also go 24 hours a day.

"I have no choice, I can't let me baby freeze," said Briggs.

There are a lot of problems in the building: exposed wires in some of the light fixtures, water warping the walls and in one case, dripping down onto a light switch. Someone showed up after our cameras arrived today to sweep the floors. But the most immediate problem is the heat and hot water.

Christian Colon can't get his homework done at night, because he has to stay bundled up.

We contacted the owners of the building, Trio Bronx INC., and they said they were trying to get oil delivered buy were having problems with that. They promised they would have it today, but the radiators are still cold, and so are the children.

"It's been hell, like we're sleeping on a park bench," said Briggs.