Yonkers residents digging out after snowstorm

Kemberly Richardson has the story.
December 15, 2013 3:28:48 PM PST
Yonkers resident Ernie McManus lives at the bottom of a steep hill. Early Sunday morning, a driver trying to navigate the slick roads could not stop, and like so many before, hit the cement barricade on Glenwood Avenue.

Each time a snowstorm rolls in, residents get ready to hit 911 on speed dial.

"I sit by the window and wait and wait, because if it's the black ice, they turn to the side, so the road is at a side," said Diana McManus.

The day after Saturday's snowfall, people in Yonkers are taking matters into their own hands, some were winging it, but others like Sarah and her father were fully prepared with the right tools to chip away at the snow.

In a city where the terrain can be challenging, many drivers know the drill ? how to safely get around.

"So far so good, I just stay in the road," said Frank.

Thankfully not too many were slipping and sliding Sunday, as almost all of the main roads in Yonkers were clear and passable by the time residents woke up. A few side streets did need a little TLC, but Jim Quinlan and his friends say 'no big deal'.

"Because the hills are really bad here, they clean them up relatively quickly," Quinlan adds, "I have a 4 by 4, and even my wife's car, roads are clear enough to get up and down. So I have really no issues with it, it's worked really well."