Ice falls from truck, goes through windshield

Josh Einiger has the story.
December 16, 2013 8:35:19 PM PST
A woman suffered minor injuries Monday on a New Jersey highway when a sheet of ice fell from a truck onto the car she was riding in with her husband.

Just one look at pulverized windshield of the Acura and you can see how lucky a New Jersey couple is to have walked away from the accident.

Tow truck driver Dave Burtchaell has seen it all, but even he was surprised by the chunks of ice that, like missiles, sailed through the couple's windshield Monday afternoon as they cruised along I-80 in Mount Olive.

The ice was from the roof of a truck ahead, whose driver hadn't cleared it off.

"It puts fear in people to drive on the highways in conditions like this when snow or ice is on the roof of trailers or trucks or cars," said Dave Burtchaell, a tow truck driver.

This is something that happens all too often. In fact, just a few hours after the guys at McCarters Towing picked up the red Acura, they were called to pick up a silver SUV just a few miles away. The vehicle was also hit by flying ice. The effect was less severe, but no less terrifying for the woman behind the wheel.

"It's scary doing 70, 65 mph, and ice comes off and hits you, got to be startling," said Kevin Weber, a tow truck driver.

Kevin Weber towed that car from I-287 and says it happened to a third car, in the same spot.

New Jersey state law requires all drivers to clear the tops of their cars of snow and ice before hitting the road.

Anyone who doesn't could be fined from $25, to $1,000 if it leads to damage.

Connecticut has a similar law and it's fine starts at $75, commercial vehicles that cause damage, up to $1,200.

In New York, failure to clear off your car is not illegal, at least not yet. Lawmakers are now trying to change that.

The drivers of many big rigs don't think twice before hitting the road at high speed with sheets of ice just waiting to break loose. It's a dangerous mix that could well have been deadly.