RV's on the Upper West Side irritate neighbors

Dave Evans reports
December 16, 2013 3:13:32 PM PST
Neighbors on the Upper West Side are celebrating a victory after some RV's had been parked right outside their pricey real estate.

Rabbi Steve Blumberg is the proud owner of the RV that's often parked at 74th and Riverside.

The '84 Chevy pathfinder is pretty old and rusty, but it works fine, complete with a bedroom, a cooktop, and even a small bath and shower.

But the neighbors have had it with the house on wheels.

"Well the city is not built to be a trailer park," said Gretchen Berger, a neighbor.

Gretchen Berger noticed the RV a few months ago. She calls it ugly and it takes up at least two parking spaces.

"I'm just afraid that people think this is a good trend to go and buy an RV for like $3,000 to $8,000 and bam! They're living in a parking space," Berger said.

The rabbi questions why neighbors are so ticked.

"I think it just reflects a small-mindedness on the part of people in a neighborhood that's been famous for being quote-unquote liberal for generations," Blumberg said.

But a couple miles north, there's another one, a jalopy at 104th and Central Park West and it's been there for years!

The only regulation is you can't stay in a parking space for more than 24 hours, but it really takes a compliant for police to take any action and there've been some complaints.

"I think the trailer itself is a little bit of an eyesore, but I think he's not harming anybody," said Seagal Hagege, a neighbor.

Nobody was home, but the owner got a ticket, and then at about 1 in the afternoon a tow truck showed up.

"I'm happy it's gone it's ugly. I didn't want to see it. Got views of the park and this ugly thing there," said Alain Demers, a neighbor.

Eyewitness News checked on Riverside and that RV had moved on and the other one got towed away. Home sweet home no more, at least not on the Upper West Side.