Twin babies tossed from fire in Bronx apartment

Marcus Solis reports
December 18, 2013 2:21:23 PM PST
Twin boys escaped a fast-moving fire in the Bronx thanks to their father, who tossed the boys from a third floor window to a Good Samaritan on the street below.

The fire happened on East 220th Street in the Williamsburg section just before 7 a.m.

The 11 month old boys Isreal and Ishmeal are alive due to the efforts of a concerned father, heroic neighbor and another relative of the kids.

Both of the boys were tossed to safety from a third floor window.

One hero caught the kids on a second level shed and then passed them down to a relative on the ground.

"I just am thankful everyone is safe. My wife, my kids and everyone is safe," said Jermaine Shirley.

Jermaine Shirley was heading out the building to warm up his car to head to work. He smelled smoke coming from a second floor apartment and warned everyone to get out the building.

Once he got out, he realized the residents on the third floor could not escape so he went to the back and helped the father to toss the toddlers to safety.

"We just got what we could on the twins, my neighbor came to the back. My nephew caught the first baby and my neighbor helped with the other," said Everdeen Codner, the boys father.

Now everyone is sifting through the debris trying to collect anything they can. But more than anything they are all feeling blessed to be alive.

Everyone got out of the building thanks to Jermaine. The twins were checked out at the hospital, safe and sound with their shaken but relieved mother.

Investigators say the cause of the fire was electrical. The American Red Cross is helping the residents that have been displaced.