Parents in Kings Park furious when school changes "Silent Night" lyrics

Kristin Thorne reports from Kings Park, Long Island
December 19, 2013 2:52:49 PM PST
There is anger at a Long Island school because they changed the words to the song "Silent Night."

The district says it was to avoid offending people but it seems like it did the opposite.

Parents are so confused that 5th graders at RJO Intermediate School in Kings Park recently performed the song "Silent Night" with all religious words like Christ, God and Jesus taken out.

Dan Gallo, a parent of one of the students was completely offended by it.

"There is so many Christmas songs. Why would you change the lyrics to something that is very near and dear to so many people?" said Gallo.

Another parent, Tina Byrne, doesn't have a problem with what the school did.

The school district says the school principal and the choral director decided to teach the students the altered version.

Some parents are so upset they're passing out flyers which show line by line the lyrics to "Silent Night."

School district officials say they're just as offended as everyone else and they offer their sincerest apologies to the community saying in a statement:

"We are aware that no disrespect was intended on the part of any staff member. We will be taking steps to be certain this never happens again."

For now they'll have to deal with some angry parents.

"I hope that in the future they take consideration of all the families' beliefs," said Gallo.

Some parents admit they didn't even notice.