Review: Walking with Dinosaurs

Sandy Kenyon has the review
April 7, 2014 9:16:56 AM PDT
On Christmas Day, there will be five new movies in wide release including Leonardo Di Caprio as "The Wolf of Wall Street." But there are only a couple of family movies out this season like "Frozen" and "Walking with Dinosaurs."

When dinosaurs ruled the earth, they came in all shapes and sizes.

In the film "Walking with Dinosaurs," the main character, Patchy is the smallest one in the family. His father is the leader of the herd and his big brother is an alpha male. Watching Patchy prevail has its pleasures, especially with John Leguizamo providing the voice of his little friend.

If you can tap into the kid inside of yourself that once marveled at all things dinosaur, then you might enjoy this film. It isn't the "greatest" film Sandy has ever seen but cute enough, especially when you consider how few family films are out there this season.

If you've seen "Frozen" then this isn't a bad way to while away the time.

The trick will be determining if your boy or girl is the right age. The sweet flirtation between these pachy-rhino-saurs will strike older pre-teens. Some of the bigger creatures will scare young children, especially if they are watching in 3-D.

For parents, most of the joy of time spent "Walking with Dinosaurs" will come from watching your children watch it. The sweet spot for this one lies in a narrow band between 8-11 years of age. Older kids might think this film is "lame." Too much younger children could have nightmares.

This film is rated P.G.