Family receives wrong Christmas cards

Nina Pineda and 7 On Your Side helps a woman get the right Christmas cards
Seven On Your Side
December 23, 2013 4:54:49 PM PST
One way people spread Christmas cheer is with specialty greeting cards featuring their kids, pets, or even a special moment from a vacation.

So imagine one family's surprise when their shipment arrived and they didn't recognize anyone in the photo!

That's when they turned to 7 On Your Side.

Nika Bertrani and her family are in full holiday mode.

The Staten Island teacher wrapped gifts, trimmed the tree, and ordered the perfect designer greeting cards online, from Invitation Box, a week before Thanksgiving.

The festive card featured her two kids frolicking in a big leaf pile.

"I was excited," said Bertrani. "I picked out "Oh what fun" because they were having fun in the leaves, they were excited about that. And they were off to the press."

But back from the press there was a big problem.

"I said Oh my goodness. That's not us. That's really not us," said Bertrani.

That's right: Instead of her kids on the card, Erika got more than a hundred cards featuring a cozy couple she's never seen before, along with their cat and dog.

"And I'm allergic. I'm highly allergic to cats. That really made everyone laugh," she said.

But when Erika called the card company, all she heard was a recorded message: "Unfortunately we're unable to take your call at this time. The best way to reach us is by email."

So she tried... and tried.

"I was up to 22 emails, finally. 22," she said.

She says the company still never responded.

"Now I was livid, not because of the cards. It was about common courtesy. you call me. Just call me or respond and email me and say I'm sorry," she said.

That's when we sent our own greeting to Invitation Box and:

"Within your phone call, a half hour, I had an apology," Bertrani said.

And how about the family in the other card? Well, we found them more than a thousand miles away, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

The very next day, Invitation Box delivered their correct cards.

And Erika got a shipment of her own. All her cards, a full refund, a 50 dollar credit and an address stamper.

"I am so happy and thankful. Thank you 7 On Your Side," Erika said.