Police search for killer of teen in Newark

Andy Field has the story
December 23, 2013 8:17:41 PM PST
A killer on the loose in Newark. This time cops in that city are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a teenager.

Police say 18-year-old college freshman Reginald Terry was apparently caught in the middle of a fight over the weekend. And for that, it cost him his life.

Everyone who knew that 18 year old man thought he would be the one who'd get his college degree be a success and escape the violence here. Everyone who knew Reginald Terry thought he was too good and smart too.

Star Newark Central high school player Reginald Terry was an honor student everyone thought would make it out of town alive he and his family knew the danger living here something he promised his mom he'd do something about.

"He wanted to get out of Newark just because of this. I want to be something to get him out of Newark," said Leandra Terry, Reginald's mother.

He met friends on Christmas break and got caught in someone else's crossfire leaving a downtown party.

Some kids that I used to coach went the right way, and some went the wrong way. My son went the right way," said Reginald Terry Sr.

Friends who've known him since childhood stunned Reginald would become another gun statistic after he spent so much time studying and helping others escape the violence.

"Since I've been away in college I've seen kids dropping left and right," said Sade Corprew.

Police are offering a reward to find the killer.

In Reginald's college essay he wrote his years in Newark were horrible because of all the killings. He said he wouldn't be like everyone else, that he'd chose his own destiny and be successful.