Potential suspect questioned in shooting of elderly New Jersey woman

Dray Clark has the latest details.
December 30, 2013 5:00:32 AM PST
Police have questioned a person of interest in the shooting of an 85-year old woman at her home in Lodi, New Jersey.

Detectives have not disclosed a motive for the shooting, but say they hope to charge someone soon.

The first 911 call for help came through just before 6:30 Sunday morning. When Lodi police rushed to the home on the 100 block of Union Street, they found 85-year-old Olga Bariso inside the home, shot multiple times. She was alive but in critical condition.

Neighbors say they heard many gunshots, but it was the sirens and flashing lights that first caught their attention. Then they heard the horrible news.

"It's bad, very bad, and I don't know what happened because everything was quiet here. We never had a problem," said next-door neighbor Tanya Gruber.

Bariso is Gruber's landlord, and she says the 85-year-old is an easygoing, very friendly woman. It is hard for her to imagine why anyone would want to shoot Bariso.

"She's very nice. I never had problems with her," adds Gruber.

Some neighbors across the street say they don't know Baris, but they are surprised that crime so violent would happen in Lodi.

"I'm still a little shocked ? that is crazy, she is 85 years old," said neighbor Antonio Berrios.

Bariso was rushed into surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center. She is alive, but her condition is unknown.

She lives at the home with her husband, grandson and another relative. ___