New York City's first babies of 2014

Dr Sapna Parikh reports
January 1, 2014 8:02:39 PM PST
It was the battle of the babies this New Year's Day.

Two infants were born at two different hospitals in New York City just as the clock struck midnight!

Shannon-Lee and Tenzin Choetso both entered the world just as the New Year began. Tenzin was born at Elmhurst hospital in Queens. Her mother, Metok Dolma, says it felt like a party.

"Everybody was with their New Year's hats. We were having fun and I was laughing delivering the baby," Dolma said.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, Shannon-Lee's life began at New York Methodist Hospital.

Baby Shannon is named after her father and you'll never believe who named baby Tenzin.

"First name Tenzin is usually given by our spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama," said Choegyal Dorgjee, Tenzin's father.

The Tibetan couple says the name is a blessing from the Dalai Lama. All you have to do is contact his office.

"We call the secretary, he goes up to him, he picks out a name and sends it to us," Dolma said.

All the parents are excited. Samantha Nieves says it is like they won the lottery.

"How many people have their kid at the stroke of midnight on New Year's? We'll take cash," Nieves said.

Many hospitals actually offer rewards. Tenzin's parents got a new stroller. Both families got baby supplies. Obstetrician Dr. Brenda Beloosesky says there are subtle ways to impact timing.

"If you push stronger you can probably deliver more quickly and if you breathe and push and stop pushing, you can go slower so you can affect the time of your deliver," Dr. Beloosesky said.

However, delaying delivery or a C-Section for too long just to be the first is not considered medically ethical.

Both of these New Year babies were born naturally. Hospital officials say Tenzin was born 1 second after midnight and Shannon-Lee was born 4 seconds later.