Westchester drivers prep for upcoming snow

Carolina Leid has more from White Plains.
January 1, 2014 8:27:18 PM PST
Westchester drivers topped off their gas tanks and grabbed last minute supplies, worried that side roads in White Plains would be impossible to navigate.

Public Works Commissioner Bud Nicoletti expects crews will use half of their 4,000-ton salt supply on this one storm.

"We're playing cat and mouse with mother nature," said Nicoletti.

Nicoletti says the city is responsible for all main arteries and 150 miles of roadway, not including I-287. Crews are scheduled to work 16-hour shifts to keep up with what is expected to hit.

"We're worried about rush hour, if you need to do something tomorrow, do it early," adds Nicoletti, "try not to be the last one at work, that is when it's going to intensify. Last thing we need is gridlock when it's going to intensify.