JetBlue resumes flights at area airports

Bill Ritter reports that many customers are frustrated and left stranded.
January 7, 2014 6:13:58 PM PST
JetBlue is flying again after halting all flights at Newark Liberty, LaGuardia, JFK and Boston due to subfreezing temperatures.

The airline shut down all its operations at the four airports because of the bitterly cold temperatures with plans to rest crew and service planes during the down time.

The decision caused frustrations for travelers, many of whom were left stranded.

"As one of the largest carriers in the Northeast, weather in this area impacts our entire route network and operations," JetBlue said in a statement Monday. "This plan aligns with the current weather forecast: rain/light fog at JFK this morning. After 3 p.m. ET today, flash freezing is anticipated with potential record low temperatures in the New York area down to 0 degrees F in some cases by the end of the night."

Customers were asked to check the status of their flights online and to ensure their contact information was in JetBlue's record so that flight information could be updated.

JetBlue says it is committed to operating safely, stresses further cancellations are possible and regrets the impact to its customers. It could take days to get all of the passengers rebooked. Some 150,000 passengers were affected.