Smoke shop's name upsets some Hackensack residents

January 7, 2014 2:44:04 AM PST
Some northern New Jersey residents are fuming over a new smoke shop that's about to open in their neighborhood.

It's not the bongs and other paraphernalia that have them fuming, it's the name of the shop.

"Why, why are people so uptight?" one resident said.

"It's up high; kids can't see it," said Melissa Tribastone, a Hackensack resident.

They're talking about the name of the newest tobacco shop on Main Street in Hackensack.

"That's profanity," one person said.

"You can't tell unless you stare at it," another person said.

The tobacco shop has no opened its doors yet, but its name is drawing a lot of attention.

It's the name: Fu King Smoke Shop.

There is a picture of a crown in between the words Fu and King.

"I guess they should take it down. I don't care my son can't see it but they should take it down," said Mo Jashari, a Hackensack resident.

The owner, who could not be reached, defended the name in published reports. But he'll soon have to defend it in municipal court. The city is trying to force him to take it down.

And since it going to court, city leaders would not comment, but many others did.

"I would not want to drive by with my little ones and have them try to sound that out," said Sue Turner, a Fair Lawn resident.

"They're making preconceived notions about it. They should just get over it," said Alex Marte, a Hackensack resident.

The court date is set for January 22nd.

(Some information from the Associated Press)