Cold weather: protecting your home

Joe Torres reports from Westchester County
January 6, 2014 2:21:50 PM PST
Are you thinking of lowering your thermostat before going to bed? That may not be a good idea.

"Leave the thermostats where they are, or turn them up, says Kent Thuesen of Thuesen Plumbing, "do not turn them down, especially when you have a cold that's coming like it is."

It is important to walk through your home and close the window blinds.

"Get that additional coverage, that thermal barrier to help retain some of your heat," adds Thuesen.

Two tips for your bathroom include dripping your faucets, and opening the vanity doors. It is important to get the heat from the house in there, especially if you have noticed that you have had a problem where the pipes have frozen before.

In the basement, you should insulate your pipes.

"You're going to spend 20 dollars, 50 dollars on insulation, and that will save you thousands of dollars of burst pipes and damaging what you have in storage in your basement," says Thuesen.

Outside, it is important to disconnect your garden hose. By leaving the hose connected, it doesn't have the ability to drain out the pipe. Theusen says what happens is that the pipe splits behind the wall without you realizing it. Then when spring comes, you got to use your hose, and you have a disaster.

If water is suddenly pouring out of your pipes, do you know where the main water shut-off is located? You should.

"You got to be a smart homeowner, you got to figure out where your water service is, know where the water is and know where the main shutoff is," says Theusen.