Elderly Brooklyn woman robbed by couple

Josh Einiger reports from East New York.
January 6, 2014 8:23:57 PM PST
The NYPD released a video showing the 89-year-old victim pushing her walker into her East New York apartment building trailed by the two assailants, one man, one woman.

The clip does not show what happened next. But cops say the pair followed their prey into the elevator, where one of them put the tiny woman into a choke hold, while the other grabbed her pocketbook.

"That's crazy why would you attack the older people, they are unable to fight back," a resident said.

It happened at 10 in the morning on Saturday, in a building populated mostly by senior citizens.

Many of those residents had not yet heard of the attack.

It's all very unsettling for Mary Brown who says this just as easily could have happened to her.

"It scares me because I'm always in and out going to church," Brown said.

That's why police released the video, in hopes someone recognizes the suspects before they target anyone else.

The man is described as 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, and is seen on video wearing a light brown jacket dark jeans and a brown ski cap.

His partner, a woman, was seen wearing a dark jacket, dark jeans, and bright red sneakers.