Selling your old electronic gadgets

Nina Pineda has a 7 On Your Side report
Seven On Your Side
January 8, 2014 3:38:44 PM PST
If you got a new tablet or gadget for Christmas, or upgraded your phone, you might be interested to know how you can get cash for the old models.

Plus, there are a number of other things you can do with them, even if you don't sell them.

The average family has at least three old devices lying around in a drawer or closet: a gaming system, an old laptop or cellphone.

Instead of collecting dust, how about collecting cash, lots of it!

Consumer expert Andrea Woroch sold her old Iphone 4 on Ebay for $80.

A first generation IPad with a cracked screen on website put $115 in her pocket.

"You just enter in the device that you have and you also have to answer a few questions," said Woroch.

Put in your make model, memory and condition and get an instant offer.

Your old devices are so valuable, even big box retailers are getting in on the action. You can trade in your old devices for gift cards.

"A lot of retailers are getting competitive with online ecommerce sites. Target, Walmart, Best Buy announce these trade in your old gadget programs where they offer giftcards for your old gadgets instead of letting them go to waste. It's a great idea," said Woroch.

Some stores even send you shipping labels to mail your device for free, but Andrea warns before you ship , shop, for how much it costs to repair it.

"It costs so much less for them to repair it for you than you to go buy it," Woroch said. "First go and get bids and find out if you can get it repaired."

Sites like buys old devices for parts and provide estimates for fixes.

"The number one issue is the cracked screen or a broken charging dock and a lot of people end up buying new phones and spending hundreds of dollars when as little as 40 to get it fixed," Andrea said.

Repairs can boost the bucks you'll get back or extend the life of your device. As will updating it to give it life again.

"Changing out the hard drive, adding a new operating system, these are small fixes that can extend the life of that gadget and save you money over time," Woroch said.

You can also save by stashing it. Andrea says consider skipping insurance and simply hang on to at least one old phone. You can activate it instead of shelling out hundreds to replace the new one when the inevitable happens and the phone gets lost, stolen or damaged.

And, #6, recycle it. Even devices in the worst shape are welcome at a recycling plant, where every precious part gets recycled and reused..

You don't make or save money by recycling, but you help save the planet, that's priceless.

Also is #7 on our list. Donate your devices. There are plenty of worthwhile charities, that are worth a writeoff on your taxes.

Charities - A campaign to advance health care in 16 countries with mobile technology.

Cellphones for Soldiers - Provides communication tools to active duty military members.