Cold weather brings out potholes in New York

January 8, 2014 1:42:38 PM PST
Drive around the different boroughs as Eyewitness News did and you get a patchwork of potholes which are starting to open up.

Already some drivers have found the costly side of them.

Frigid now, the freeze and thaw of this winter is now starting to take its toll on roads in the tri-state area.

Coming over the Kosciuszko Bridge along the BQE in Newscopter 7 you see vehicles bounce through a patchwork of shallow potholes, waiting to grow even larger.

There's some potholes also spotted on the southbound Major Deegan at Exit 138.

"I had to pay $200 for the tow truck to come here," said Elizbar Trzihvele, a driver.

Elizbar Trzihvele lost the front rim and wheel on his car. He's put on the so-called "donut" while he prices out the cost of the damage.

"It's very expensive," Trzihvele said.

At Daniel Tire Shop in Coney Island, they are starting to see more drivers. It's not long before another one limps in.

"I don't think I can drive like that," the driver said.

"They're also collecting the first cracked, dented, and heavily damaged rims of the season.

"Scrap metal, lots of scrap metal. Not much you can do with this," said Olam Abdurakhmonov, the tire shop manager.

To replace one a rim costs $300 dollars or better. Then you've got the tire, that's another couple of hundred. So hit a pothole and you're in it for some money.

"Sometimes it is fixable. It depends on how bad it is, not if it's really bad," Abdurakhmonov said.

DOT pothole trucks are trying to stay ahead of what promises to be a bumpy season.

Eyewitness News saw a crew making repairs along the BQE where drivers are warned that the work can switch from lane to lane.

In Newark, on Route 1 & 9 southbound, there's another field of potholes growing out by the airport.

On the RFK Bridge is perhaps a most unusual temporary patch in a pothole, a couple of bags of salt helping a motorist from what could have been another expensive repair job.