Dog left out in snow, police search for owners

Toni Yates reports the search is underway for the dog's owners
January 8, 2014 2:51:46 PM PST
In New Jersey, there are new concerns about animals left in the cold.

Authorities are searching for the owner of a dog found abandoned in the snow.

The neglected pup was digging holes in the ground to try to stay warm.

Her name is Chanel now. What it may have been before doesn't matter, because apparently, she did not matter at all to whoever owned her.

"Not only was she kept in an obviously abusive situation, she was dumped just as heartless. Left to fend for herself during this cold snap," said Michael Spinella, of Bloomfield Animal Control.

But when she was found on Saturday, there were also at least five inches of snow on the ground. She obviously tried to dig down below it to find warmer ground, where there was none.

There are calls coming to the shelter from people wanting to adopt Chanel, but there's one call in particular they really want. A tip on who treated her so horribly.

"All calls will be kept confidential leading to the arrest of the people who left this dog on the street," Spinella said.