Pool drained into street creating dangerous ice

Marcus Solis reports from Norwalk, Connecticut
January 10, 2014 2:59:06 PM PST
There were a series of car crashes in Norwalk, Connecticut when a roadway filled up with ice.

You might want to blame Mother Nature but in this case, blame the pool guy.

That pool guy is now facing charges for draining a pool onto a public street creating a huge and dangerous icy hazard.

In over 40 years of living on Flax Hill Road, Ted Mallozzi has seen plenty of accidents on the S-shaped hill.

But nothing quite like Thursday when it was completely covered in ice. The reason for the slick street was water from an in-ground pool that was being drained, cascading down, and freezing up.

Indeed police say a worker ran a hose from the pool to the edge of the street, sending an unknown number of gallons downhill.

It didn't take long for cars to spin out, in all 5 vehicles were involved in three separate accidents.

One woman was treated and released from an area hospital. Even police had a difficult time responding.

The workers from Swimm Pool and Patio had returned to their facility in Darien so police called them back to the scene. They arrested Alfredo Benetiz after they say he admitted responsibility.

Benetiz has been charged with reckless endangerment for the icy escapade.