Potholes cause drivers throughout area to be stranded on highways with flat tires

Kemberly Richardson has the story.
January 12, 2014 3:40:06 PM PST
Dozens of drivers were stranded on highways throughout the weekend with flat tires due to potholes.

When Eyewitness News caught up with Hollie Martinez, she was in tears because she got a flat tire on her mother's Mercedes on Route 46.

"I tried to avoid one, and I hit another, I mean, they are all over the road over here, three tires in two days," says Martinez.

The potholes have been causing headaches and backups all throughout the Tri-State area. The sluggish traffic on Route 4 was a ripple effect from emergency pothole repairs.

Crews with the Department of Transportation have had their hands full. Eyewitness News tagged along to see just exactly what they are dealing with. Within a few minutes, it was crystal clear ? huge holes in the ground that were left alone quickly morphed into craters.

Crews had so many holes to get to, so they used the 'Pot Hole Killer' to maximize their time. The 'Pot Hole Killer' is a quick way to clean out and patch problem spots. In just a two hour period, they came face-to-face with roughly 30 potholes.

On Staten Island, many people had the same problem ? flats caused by potholes the situation was so bad on the Staten Island Expressway that some cars had to be towed.

"The first one popped the tire, the second one must have popped the rim, because the tire was flat," said driver Matthew Nistico.

Saturday night on the Cross Bronx Expressway, drivers were also forced to pull over. Edgardo Contin of El Gorgo Flat Fix said he fixed the flats from 10 until midnight.

"It was stacking up, the cars were just stacking up one by one, and then I had a bunch of cars," adds Contin.

Depending on where drivers live, it is possible to be reimbursed for damages, although it may be a long and frustrating process.