Norwalk family saved from fire by dog

Marcus Solis reports from Norwalk.
January 14, 2014 3:27:03 PM PST
It's been a rough few days for Cindy Lyons, trying to determine what can be salvaged from her burned out home.

Amid all the loss, there's reason to be thankful. She and her husband are alive because Kai, their 9 month old chow.

"It was 1:15 in the morning and the dog just came rushing into the bedroom barking and whining to get my attention like somebody was chasing her," Lyon said.

The cause hasn't been determined, but fire broke out in the front of the home.

The couple was upstairs in a back bedroom unaware of the danger Kai alerted them to.

"We both got up, ran down the stairs, he opened the front door and there was just a wall of orange flames," she said.

The couple managed to rescue their other two dogs and a parrot, but there was one problem. Kai was under a bed and refusing to budge. So the dog that saved her family now needed to be rescued.

"I was like, 'I can't have this dog save my life die," Lyons said through tears.

Eventually, the dog was removed from the house. It was a relief for Lyons who has no doubt Kai helped save their lives. "If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have heard the fire until two more smoke detectors went off. There was no way," she said.

The focus is now rebuilding and making sure Kai recovers from smoke inhalation.