Jewelry store owner arrested, store closed

Nina Pineda reports on the alleged repeat offender
Seven On Your Side
January 15, 2014 3:48:01 PM PST
A Jersey City jeweler closed up shop and some customers say he left them hanging.

After seeing the story 7 On Your Side did on him in October, another victim looking for his stuff asked us to track him down and we found the jeweler in a lot more hot water.

"The police said they knew exactly who I was talking about, they said they've been looking for this guy!" said Mike Bogden, a Giorgeo's customer.

The guy Michael Bogden's trying to retrieve his watch from is the same guy cops and customers are looking for who 7 On Your Side caught up months ago.

Aaron Regev, of an owner of a jewelry store in Jersey City's Newport Centre Mall, was all apologies the last time.

7 On Your Side got $17,000 out of him to replace a gold chain he said he "lost" during a routine appraisal.

"What did you do with the chain?" 7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda asked.

"The chain was lost," Regev said.

"So it was never in your lockbox?" Pineda said.

"No," Regev said.

"So you lied," Pineda said.

This time, Aaron Regev didn't have time on his side, and police say Mike's watch is worth more than $800, but that's the least of his problems.

"You know he got arrested," Pineda said.

"Yeah," Bogden said.

Regev was busted weeks after our story and charged with theft by deception. The 41-year-old owner of the jewelry store was arrested by Jersey City Police.

Michael wasn't the only one who showed up at the mall to find Georgeo's store shuttered. A new store is there with new owners who say they're getting an earful from people looking for their jewelry or their money.

"We have people banging on the door asking us questions, 'Where is he?' 'Where can we find him?'" said Nicole Hamade, of White Diamonds Jewelers.

In the police report leading to the Jeweler's arrest, a complainant says he dropped his wife's ring off to be cleaned and it vanished. This, after paying Regev $2,400 to make another ring he never produced.

"I feel really bad for a lot of the customers," Hamade said.

Customers like Mike who hasn't seen his watch, a gift from his Dad, since dropping it off at the jewelry store in July.

"I never considered I would go back there and the store would be gone," Bogden said.

With no more store, 7 On Your Side went to Aaron's home, he wasn't there but 24 hours later we got results.

Michael was singing a different tune for the New Year.

"Thank you 7 On Your Side," Bogden said.

Aaron Regev is due back in court the end of the month to answer the charges against him.

He told 7 On Your Side he's innocent of all charges and hopes to get his case dismissed.

He says he's also trying to get on a payment plan to pay off the customer behind the latest complaint.

He went on to tell 7 On Your Side he resolved all the problems as soon as he's heard about them.

After two additional customers contacted 7 On Your Side, Aaron gave them back a ring and watch worth a total of nearly $8,000.