Child's bedroom struck in yet another Paterson shooting

Carolina Leid reports from Paterson.
January 15, 2014 8:19:31 PM PST
The Mayor of Paterson, New Jersey says that they need more police on the streets.

This, after a string of drive-by shootings with the gunmen still on the loose.

The shootings could have been worse, because several homes were caught in the crossfire and bullets landed inside.

"First they shot there, and then they shot there, and then it got through my bed and through my pillow," said Darielis Francisco, 6 years old.

6-year-old Darielis Francisco was fast asleep when bullets came ripping through her bedroom wall, one even hitting the pillow she was laying on.

Her 12-year-old brother Christopher crawled on the ground to their mom's room for help.

"I woke up from the second one and then I stayed in my bed for two minutes to see if they were going to shoot again because I could have gotten hurt," Christopher Francisco said.

Their father Angel showed Eyewitness News the window where the bullet came through.

Police eventually found it stuck inside the pillow.

The gun battle happened just before 2 a.m. on December 29th on 1st Street in Paterson.

Just last week, bullets from a drive-by shooting nearly hit a man and his 1-year-old son inside their home on 12 Avenue.

These incidents are prompting some residents to start looking for a new place to live.

"You tell them we'll put police here today and they come and patrol but they won't see activity that night so it's calm for two or three days. Across town, it's not calm so we fly over there. Its dog chasing tail," Paterson Mayor Jeffery Jones said.

Paterson's Mayor Jeffery Jones says there were 16 non-fatal shootings in December. Six are now closed cases.

So far, they've seen five non-fatal shootings this month with one closed case.

But one mother says this isn't the first time a bullet has hit her house and she just wants her children to feel safe in their home.

"Sometimes I feel nervous about living here. Last year, they shot four times right in front of our house and threatened to kill the neighbor," the mother said.