Brooklyn police officers resuscitate unconscious baby

Rob Nelson with the report from Brooklyn
January 17, 2014 3:19:30 PM PST
Two New York City police officers are being hailed as heroes after they saved the life of an unconscious baby at a bank in Brooklyn Thursday.

The wide eyes and smiling face of a newborn baby plus tears of joy and relief from a loving mother make for a happy scene.

"That's all I got, my prized possession, my little boy," said Sunnia Carberry, Jaylen's mother.

The scene inside the Brooklyn Hospital Center was a far cry from the panic of Wednesday, when 4-month old Jaylen Taylor suddenly became unresponsive inside the Fulton Street bank in Brooklyn.

"Usually when I get to him he'll move his face, he'll respond, and he didn't do any of that, and that let me know that something's wrong," said Nicole Gumms, Jaylen's aunt.

Nicole urged her sister Sunnia, Jaylen's mom, to call authorities, and that's when Officers Jeff Boardman and Anthony Isaac came to the rescue.

"We saw the baby, little Jaylen, the mother was holding him, and he was unresponsive," Officer Jeff Boardman said.

"We gave him two short taps to the chest, then I tried touching his hand again and he was able to squeeze my hand and came through a little bit," Officer Anthony Isaacs said.

Fire and EMS officials eventually arrived at the scene, giving the infant oxygen and taking him to the hospital. Doctors say little Jaylen might have suffered seizures due to a lack of oxygen.

"Based on what we've been monitoring on his vital signs, everything seems OK," said Dr. Adebayo Adeyinka, The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

Meanwhile, the two officers, both of whom are fathers, resist being labeled as heroes.

"I've got a 1-year-old, I've got an 8-year-old, and I would want the same thing to be done, so we had to do our job," Officer Boardman said.

While these two lifesaving cops remain humble, Jaylen's mother can hardly contain her gratitude. She knows full well what she almost lost.

"He was gone, he was so stiff, he was so stiff, oh man," Carberry said.

Doctors say Jaylen needs to undergo a few more tests, but they expect to release him from the hospital within the next few days.