Many perform good deeds to help others in snowstorm

January 22, 2014 9:42:04 AM PST
Tuesday's big snowstorm brought out the best in many people throughout the New York area who lent a helping hand to those in need.

Eyewitness News asked viewers to share their stories of good deeds in the snow, and dozens responded to relate neighborly acts of kindness.

Antoinette Figueroa

"My power went out around 8:30 pm last night. I was home alone with my sick child as my husband was mandated to work (he's a school custodian ) and just so happened my friend saw my block had no power. He came shoveled my walk, put me and child in his truck, and took us to my dad's girlfriend's house!!"

Kate Interrante

My neighbors on 79th Street in Glendale Queens called EMS for an elderly woman crying, disoriented but took her inside as she weighs 100 and was in lightweight pajamas. If anyone is looking, call the 104th precinct.

Katherine McLoughlin

"My son and I shoveled out our uncle's car, He has a bad back. After that I shoveled out my own 3 cars."

Anne Marie Trinkleback Koch

"Yesterday my office closed early, I had just returned from a business trip the day before and had no choice but to stop at Shop Rite on my way home from work. Before I went in I helped someone jump-start his car so that he wasn't stranded there."

Monique Carter

"A young married couple here in Huntington, NY have been helping senior citizens & others by plowing out their driveways & plowing out access from the road to their mail boxes. They do this for anyone who asks & there is absolutely no charge! They are two of the kindest most caring people I have ever known! Good deed? Snow deed? A BIG yes to both!"

Michele Spina

"My dad takes the snow plow and does ours and the neighbors on either side of us and helped dig out the cars."

Beti Duli-Tale

"My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2013. He has lost his mobility so he is not able to do much. My son who is 13 shoveled last night but within an hour it looked like nothing was done. We wake up this morning, my driveway and sidewalk are all shoveled and my car was clean. One of our neighbors did it over night or early in the morning. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful neighbors."

Cathie Doneman

I have lupus and Raynauds and can't shovel the snow or go out in it. ((And a broken pinky toe to add to it!) My fiancé is in Florida for work so my brother left work and came straight to my house to shovel my 6 car driveway, stairs and sidewalk! He woke me up when he came back at 7:30 this morning!"

Louie DeMatteo IV

"My neighbor was at work and his wife and son were home and they couldn't really do it so i shoveled their house for them !! trying to be a great person !! They're great to me so I'm helping back !"

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