Music icon Herb Alpert masters art of sculpture

Kemberly Richardson reports from Lincoln Center
January 23, 2014 1:38:47 PM PST
Herb Alpert is a music icon, widely known for his skill with the trumpet. Now he has also mastered another art: sculpture.

It is only fitting that Alpert, now 78, decided that Dante Park was the ideal spot for three imposing sculptures that twist and turn towards the sky. The totems are all Alpert originals.

"When I saw this location, I said 'oh, perfect, across from Lincoln Center - how lucky!'" adds Alpert.

A collection of smaller bronze totems is also now on display at ACA Galleries. Each totem is unique and hypnotizing in its own way. No matter the size, Alpert tells Eyewitness News the pieces are meant to be free-flowing. "The lead one is called 'Gravity', one is called 'Freedom', and the one next to it is 'Grace'."

Alpert says the pieces sum up his life.

Alpert was the "A" in A&M Records, and the leader of the Tijuana Brass. He has been sculpting for 35 years, painting for more than 4 decades. The totems, part of the city's Art in the Parks program, Alpert says creating them simply gives him energy.

"It's just like blowing a horn when I play jazz. I close my eyes and listen to the guys behind me and get it out," says Alpert.

The pieces will now bring out the musical side of those who stop and stare.

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