Teen carjacking, sex assault victim speaks out

Carolina Leid reports from Jamaica, Queens.
January 24, 2014 8:30:51 PM PST
The young girl is so strong, so full of grit that she fought off a rapist who had carjacked the SUV she was sleeping in.

This child has had countless surgeries and several near death experiences.

Her family is in the middle of planning her "Make a Wish" trip to Disney World.

"I was very scared, nervous, bloody, didn't know what to do. He just told me shut up," the victim said, "All I wanted to do was go home."

The 13-year-old girl Eyewitness News will call "Kim" was kidnapped, beaten, and nearly raped.

We're hiding her face and disguising her voice, but her family feels it's important for people to hear her story.

Last night, Kim's uncle ran into a store at 109th Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens, leaving the SUV running outside.

Surveillance video from 109 Brothers Deli shows a man jump into the Ford Explorer and speed off with "Kim" sleeping in the backseat.

"I started kicking and screaming, saying 'Help, Help'. He punched me in my face," Kim said, "He broke my nose. He punched me. My eye, I can't open it that much."

"I'm just glad she fought like heck to get out of that car," Kim's mother said, "She ran and didn't stop running until she found an adult. She yelled, 'He's trying to rape me.'"

Kim's a truly special girl; she's has been fighting to live since the day she was born.

This 13-year-old has been in and out of hospitals, plagued with scoliosis and heart disease, and has dealt with five very painful open heart surgeries.

Her mother is just thankful to have her home, but she has one thing to say to the man who did this.

"I hope he gets forever in jail. The death penalty, I hope. Who does that to a 13-year-old girl," Kim's mother said.

23-year-old Kapri Dickson is under arrest.

He's charged with attempted assault, sex abuse, and grand larceny.