Roslyn residents concerned about safety of water

Kristin Thorne reports from Roslyn
January 28, 2014 2:57:46 PM PST
Residents of a Long Island community are worried about the safety of their drinking water.

People in Roslyn recently found out the water was contaminated, and to make matters worse, some say the solution to fix it, is no fix.

"It's not a lot, don't worry about it, seems to be the theme of what we're being told," said resident Kenneth Ryman.

Residents of Roslyn Estates really don't know what to believe.

They say they were just informed two weeks ago that the Roslyn water district plans to build a 34 foot tower right in middle of their neighborhood to clean freon 22 out of a water well.

The tower will essentially disperse the chemical into the air in what officials are calling non harmful amounts.

"We just don't want to be breathing in these chemicals if we don't have to be and we think we should explore the alternatives," said resident Kathy Krupp. "Give us some time. Hold off. Let us find out what can be done."

But the water district says there's no time and construction needs to start soon.

They're trying to get the well back online in time for the summer, they say, so they don't have to do any water rationing.

"Let's do some research on this, let's look into where this has been done and see if it's really ok," said Ryman.

"They seem to be in a hurry to get this fixed by the summer. Water rationing seems to be a bigger problem to them than the problem at hand," said Roslyn Estates resident Wendy Ryman.