Best Buys for February

Nina Pineda has the report with some shopping tips
Seven On Your Side
January 31, 2014 3:14:39 PM PST
It's the shortest month of the year, but it's long on savings - hundreds even thousands in discounts. It's also the month that features the best prices of the year for something that just about everyone owns or wants.

In store windows, it's code red - just 2 weeks until Valentine's Day.

"Demand is high for Valentine's Day themed gifts like jewelry, flowers, chocolates," Mark LoCastro of said.

"If they have a storewide sale going on that you can buy and apply it to Valentine's Day gift go ahead," he said.

And if you're looking to give your honey the gift that keeps on giving - lingerie - you're in luck.

"Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood offered 20 percent off coupons in the first week of February. And we expect the same thing to happen this year," LoCastro said.

February also brings a super shopping weekend. Mark your calendar for President's Day.

"During that 3 day shopping weekend you should see some good sales," he said.

On winter apparel, everything from coats to gloves to hats - hot sales on cold weather gear. We already saw half-off on clearance racks, but more discounts to come.

"Last year we noticed 85 percent off on a number of these items," LoCastro said.

Cold weather means couch potatoes. Their favorite sport is video games.

"The Nintendo and WII have been struggling," he said.

And that means deals. We even found Xbox 360's selling under 200, but wait until April for discounts on newer XBox 1 or Playstation 4.

These are in high demand. There are no price drops on these," LoCastro said.

There are drops on phones too. Look for sales on cell phones spiking the last 2 weeks of February.

"Then, new phones will be introduced and also because those older phones will be discounted," he said.

If you're in the market for a big screen plasma - you're in for a lift. This is "the" month to score on that HD, LCD-TV. You won't see lower prices any other time of the year.

"A 55-inch LCD HDTV expect that around $500 in February," LoCastro said.

Look for great deals on ultra-portable touch screen lap tops. One can be had for only about 200 bucks. And, before buying TV's, look for last year's models. And search for some good deals on your smart phone - show it a store supervisor - and ask him to beat it. It just might save you hundreds.