Super Bowl items turning up at lost and found

Toni Yates reports from Newark
February 4, 2014 2:37:24 PM PST
The Super Bowl may be over, but it appears some of the fans left a lot of stuff behind.

Those Super Bowl mementoes meant to take home and cherish, in many cases didn't make it to the plane.

The TSA Tuesday showed many of the items left behind at Newark Airport.

The agency's lost and found is stocked with all the things left at security checkpoints over weeks, including belts, keys, cellphones, laptops and jewelry.

There is a cabinet full of laptops and tablets, a closetload of coats, and cases of knick knacks belonging to thousands of travelers.

"Each bin is labelled for the checkpoint and kept for 30 days," said the TSA's Lisa Farbstein.

They are expecting loads post Super Bowl travel, with at least 10 bins coming in from the checkpoints at Newark Liberty.

For example, one football fan left without their laptop.

"They put their coat in a bin stack it to stay out of another passenger's way, and so they'll grab their jacket, and what they don't realize is that when they have their bin double stacked, what they did was left their laptop between the two bins," said the TSA's Jim McKinney.

If no one claims items containing personal data, the hard drives are destroyed, and items are recycled. Clothes are sent to shelters.

The TSA tries to reunite ID's and credit cards to owners. As for Super Bowl items, if fans call and positively identify it, the item can be returned. Claims can also be put in