Snow plow slush knocks man down, damages building

Jim Dolan reports from Sheepshead Bay.
February 7, 2014 5:10:53 PM PST
Most drivers try to get out of the way when they see a snow plow approaching.

But when you're walking on the sidewalk you think you're safe.

One pedestrian had to learn the hard way.

It was 5:28 in the morning, and a lone man was walking down Coney Island Avenue, probably heading off to work.

The surveillance video show one plow go by, and then comes a second.

The power of the spray is so great it knocks the man off his feet, and it was so great it shattered the window of the car dealership.

An inside shot shows the spray come inside the building. It's that water Joseph first noticed when he came in to work.

"When we walked in to the showroom in the morning, all of a sudden you see a pile of black snow all over the place and the cracked window," said Joseph Matalon, co-owner.

So, they went to the surveillance tape and saw the guy knocked off his feet and the spray come inside.

"I couldn't believe my eyes," Matalon said.

The window has been replaced now, but next door, the limousine that was damaged, they say by that same spray, hasn't been fixed.

Watch when that same plow goes by, the spray is so strong it shakes these big limousines.

"It was like I couldn't believe the force that was basically applied by the snow plow," said Lucy Flores, of Diamond Limousine.

A worker first noticed the damage to a limo that hadn't moved in weeks, and that's why Lucy searched her surveillance video.

Sanitation Department investigators showed up at JM Legend Thursday and looked at their video.

"The people that came were investigators, they came to find out who was driving that truck," Matalon said.

What they don't know is, who is that poor guy who got whacked by that ocean of slush? He may still be drying out.