Young boy walks out of Bronx school and walks home

Michelle Charlesworth reports
February 11, 2014 2:36:23 PM PST
An Eyewitness News exclusive as yet another child just walking out of his school and no one stopped him.

This time a 6-year-old in the Bronx leaving the school with no coat and no gloves and he was walking from his school PS 196 to his home 6 blocks away, where his mother was, to the say the least, shocked to see him.

"Avonte just was going through my mind. Could have been killed, hit by a bus., hurt in some way anything coming home by himself," said the child's mother Racquel Bennett.

Bennett is the mother of 6 year old Tommy and when Eyewitness News interviewed his mother he was still in the clothes he was wearing when walking home. No hat, no gloves, or a hat, just his school uniform as he made the 20 minute walk home through 4 busy intersections.

"He was coming home to get ice cream money I forgot to give him wanted ice cream money," adds Bennett.

The Dept of Education says "According to the school at approximately 10:35 am a student left a seat in the cafeteria and reportedly walked out of the room. The parent of the student then called the school to say the child walked home."

His mother is astounded that when she called Tommy's school PS196 it was news to the main office that 6 year old Tommy was missing at all. She claims no one had noticed.

"He moved half an hour!!! And when I called to report they wanted his name Class. If they knew they would not be asking me all of this information," she adds.

She says the Vice Principal knew nothing no one was in a panic and she was shaking from anger and worry when we talked to her.

She says she wants school policy changed citywide right now and warns other parents that this is a problem even in the ale of Avonte Oquendo's death.

"Obviously we know our children are in danger now," she adds.