MTA agent on camera flipping off customer

Carolina Leid has the unbelievable video.
February 11, 2014 8:45:00 PM PST
An MTA booth agent was caught on camera yelling at customers and giving them the finger, two of them actually.

"Give me $10 on my Metro Card," said Jonathan Pillot, an MTA customer.

"You cursed me," said the MTA booth agent.

"No I didn't," Pillot said.

"Yes you did," the MTA booth agent said.

The irate MTA booth agent lost his cool.

The angry exchange was captured on a cell phone camera by a straphanger.

"You want to take a picture?" the MTA agent said as he held his two middle fingers in the air.

Jonathan Pillot says he went into the West 4th Street Subway Station Tuesday morning, and couldn't believe an agent was berating an elderly woman who simply asked for a senior citizen's discount card.

"He screamed at her that there are none. She said, 'I got one last week'. He just screamed, 'They're out, they're out!'" Pillot said.

Pillot says the woman stormed off, but not before calling the MTA worker an idiot.

"I said, 'You can't talk to people like that, you're a city employee. It's not acceptable," Pillot said, "When I turned the video camera on, his fingers were in an obscene, well double obscene gesture. It was appalling."

The longtime film maker says he doesn't know what should happen to the worker, but he feels there's a larger lesson here to be learned.

"It's not about what should happen to him because I'm sure he had a rough day. Maybe he does that all of the time, maybe he doesn't, I don't want to judge, I don't know," Pillot said, "People watch stuff on television on the internet and its willy nilly and people think it's OK. It doesn't just happen on a reality show, it happens in real life. We need to treat each other better no matter the circumstances."

An MTA spokesperson says the agent's actions are completely unacceptable and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.