Ski resorts seeing business boom due to snow

Anthony Johnson reports
February 12, 2014 2:52:19 PM PST
While you may be tired of snow, in some places it's like Manna or money from heaven. Ski mountains are even doing a brisk mid-week business.

This season, continuous snowfall in New Jersey has ski resorts ringing in some of the highest profits they have seen in years.

At Mountain Creek, they have thrived in years where natural snow was sparse because of advanced snow-making equipment. An additional 10-16 inches of snow on Thursday has skiers anxious to dance down the slopes this weekend.

Some ski resorts in the area have struggled the past few years because mother nature has not provided the snowfall they need to survive. In this business, snowfall leads to a windfall.

Snow on Thursday, a little romance on Valentine's Day, and the long President's Holiday are a perfect trifecta for a snow-based business bonanza.