Sparta residents prepare for snow storm, again

Jim Dolan reports from Sparta.
February 12, 2014 8:27:03 PM PST
This storm is adding to a kind of winter of discontent for so many people and so many local governments as well.

Their snow budgets are blown and their salt supplies have dwindled.

It's not that folks are complaining as much as they feel beaten down.

At the Sparta QuickCheck they were gassing up and gearing up for the next few days.

In Sparta, it feels like they've had a bull's eye painted on the middle of town all winter long.

"Absolutely, we always get socked. I work in the Morristown area and it's like a whole different weather pattern over there. You know I pull in and people can't believe that there's ice on my car and six inches on the roof, and there's nothing in Morristown," one resident said.

Danny was on his way to buy a new snow blower, because the old one wore out, but he had to get gas first, in case he lost power again.

The town is limping into this storm.

"We have 300 tons left, Sparta Township is 39 square miles, 300 tons gets us one good sweep through the town. So we think we're good for this particular storm and we're praying for an early spring next week," said Sgt. John Beebe, of the Sparta Police Department.