Behemoth machine helps clear snow in White Plains

Tim Fleischer has the story from White Plains.
February 14, 2014 1:27:16 PM PST
Folks in White Plains have found a very unique way of dealing with the snow.

Seemingly all they do here now is move and pile snow into higher and higher mounds. With narrow side streets and a desperate need for parking spaces, the mounds sometimes creep further out into the lanes, making for tricky driving.

But now the town has been introduced to a behemoth machine that chews up a mound of snow three-feet wide.

"[Creative] or lucky, or being in the right place at the right time and we found this machine for the right price," Public Works Commissioner Joseph "Bud" Nicoletti said about how to deal with the amount of snow.

The brainchild of Nicoletti, the machine was purchased two years ago and retrofitted for snow use. He also saw how they deal with snow in the Midwest.

"We plow wind rows of snow into the middle of the road, scoop them up and load it into dump trucks and haul it off to our yard," he said.

There were 18 inches of snow covering the sidewalks and parking spaces from two storms, prompting them to mound it up right down the center of busy Mamaroneck Avenue and creating a large berm.

The snow machine does the rest.

"This allows us to do this without stopping traffic because loaders would be loading the trucks from the side and block up two or three lanes, so this allows traffic to go on either side of it," Nicoletti said.

Truck after truck, away goes the snow - a good bit of it, anyway.

"Not that we want to use it, but this is a great system for this type of snow," he said.

As for the other large mounds, residents will simply have to wait for those to melt.