Footsteps in snow lead to robbery suspect

Josh Einiger reports from Massapequa.
February 14, 2014 8:29:54 PM PST
Police on Long Island say they've solved an armed robbery in a way that would have made Sherlock Holmes proud.

Always cover your tracks, it's practically rule number one if you're going to live a life of crime.

But at this Massapequa shopping center, everyone's talking, or laughing, about the ill-planned caper at the height of Thursday's heavy snow.

"What an idiot! Got to be an idiot," a shopper said.

Police say 21-year-old Victor Fabian used a gun to hold up a Dunkin Donuts and then took off. Cops couldn't have been any closer, they have a substation right behind the store and they arrived in minutes.

You should remember this was the height of the storm Thursday and there was fresh snow everywhere.

Arriving officers spotted fresh footprints. So they followed them right down the road.

The trail led them about half a mile, right to the doorstep of a house.

With a gun involved in the robbery, officers called for backup. A neighbor recorded video as a heavily armed tactical unit ordered three people from the house. One of them was Fabian, who's now facing robbery, weapons, and drug charges.

At that house, no one came to the door Friday night.

While no one ever should make light of violent crime, shoppers couldn't believe it.

"They followed him home and they got him ha-ha, it's pretty dumb," said Adrianna Horn, a shopper.

Back at that Dunkin Donuts, all anyone seems able to do is laugh at the absurdity of this case.

"I don't know. I've heard of bungled up robberies, botched up robberies, but this has got to be one of a kind," a shopper said.

It was a brazen crime that was stymied by snow.