Did some Port Authority officers know about BridgeGate scandal?

Dave Evans has the story.
May 5, 2014 12:09:31 PM PDT
There's another twist in the BridgeGate scandal.

This time, it involves a childhood friend of Governor Chris Christie who is a Lieutenant for the Port Authority Police.

Emails show the lieutenant took David Wildstein, a Christie appointee who ordered the lane closures, on a tour to check out the traffic mess that created on the George Washington Bridge.

Port Authority officials are now demanding answers; were some of their own police aware of the BridgeGate plot before it happened?

Rosemarie Arnold represents 10 people who were caught in traffic back then.

"I had a client who when he got to the toll, asked the toll booth operator, 'Hey, what's going on here?' And there was a Port Authority Police Officer in earshot who responded, 'Why don't you ask your mayor?'" Arnold said.

Investigators now want to know, did people in Governor Christie's Administration include police in their plan to try to punish the mayor of Fort Lee?

Emails have surfaced from a Port Authority lieutenant who is friends Christie, asking before the traffic jam, "Is there going to be a new traffic pattern installed for Monday, the 9th?" Thomas Michaels, known as "Chip", reportedly took David Wildstein on a tour of the traffic mess. Wildstein the morning of September 9th wrote, "Going to take a ride with Chip and see how it looks."

"When you have uniformed police officers who are sworn to protect the public now using their powers for the opposite," Assemblyman Gordon Johnson said.

Assemblyman Gordon Johnson is a former cop. He says he's appalled at the possibility that Port Authority Police were called in to do the governor's dirty work.

"That is just beyond what we call democracy. All right? That's no longer a democracy. That's more like a third-world dictatorship," Assemblyman Johnson said.

The governor has consistently denied he knew about the traffic jam plot, but now emails show a good friend on the police department knew, and also perhaps some officers on the street.

"And if the Port Authority Police are telling people going over the bridge, asking questions, saying, 'Ask your mayor,' it clearly indicates at least they knew what was going on," Arnold said.