LIRR cracking down on deadbeat fare skippers

Kristin Thorne reports from Babylon.
February 17, 2014 3:35:34 PM PST
The Long Island Rail Road is now cracking down and trying to recoup the money lost by deadbeat fare skippers.

"It's dishonest," one commuter said.

Some people call it selfish and downright unfair.

The LIRR considers it theft; people who skip out on paying their fare.

"Then it's not fair to those who put up the money and pay," another commuter said.

Now the LIRR is hunting down the worst offenders and trying to recoup the money.

"Bravo", say riders Eyewitness News spoke to.

"I think people should pay because that's fair. People who skip, that's not fair for people like me and just be honest and pay. I see it happen all the time in the subway stations too and that's just not fair," said Erin Hall, an Upper East Side resident.

The MTA police have arrested dozens of people in the last year for theft of service and are paying closer attention to suspected repeat offenders.

A spokesman for the LIRR says he believes more people than not actually do mail in their fare.

Reinhilde Kriegel says sometimes you have to be a little altruistic.

"I have helped people out if they are short a dollar. It's the way to live and to do," said Reinhilde Kriegel, a West Babylon resident.