Tour through Billy Joel's old Manhattan apartment up for sale

Sandy Kenyon has the walk-through tour of the magnificient apartment with an impressive view.
April 4, 2014 9:46:29 AM PDT
Four decades after his first hit, Billy Joel is still making waves in the city he loves.

His monthly concerts at Madison Square Garden still sell out and even helped to generate interest in his old Manhattan apartment, which is up for sale.

The popularity of the pictures we published of the apartment on 7online inevitably led to this walk-through tour of the place.

Although "The Piano Man" wrote his first few hits in Los Angeles, Billy Joel grew homesick for New York and in the late 1970s bid "Goodbye to Hollywood" and returned to the city - where he found inspiration on East 57th Street.

"I could picture him sitting here in this living room just composing his songs on his piano," said Elayne Reimer, the realtor selling the apartment. "It calls for it."

Joel's home was 44 stories in the sky - high enough for an easy view of The Bronx - his birthplace - and almost high enough to see Long Island - where he grew up.

"It's an absolutely panoramic view," Reimer said. "When he wrote his songs during the years he was here, he was writing about views; he was writing about being in the sky, being in the heavens, overlooking the bridges."

"I imagine that must have empowered him a lot," she added.

Reimer is selling the two-bedroom apartment for just shy of $1.5 million.

The apartment does look a bit different, as the seller bought it from Joel and remodeled it.

Joel eventually moved into a grander space years ago after meeting an "Uptown Girl," but the views remain the same and it's easy to be inspired as he once was.

Unsurprisingly and quite fittingly, Reimer hopes the owner will consider putting a piano back in the living room.