Snow plowing tough to tackle in Mount Vernon

Tim Fleischer reports from Mount Vernon.
February 18, 2014 3:39:31 PM PST
Mount Vernon, sharing the problem like many cities, is pushing and shoving snow around trying to keep its streets open.

Sometimes that it takes a little longer.

As they continue to dig out from under the ice and snow that piles up at the end of driveways and in between the cars that line both sides of Rich Avenue, residents become more frustrated. This is too much work.

"A plow driver I heard said this street is too narrow for him to come down," said Stacey Moiler, a resident.

Late Tuesday, one of Mount Vernon's smaller plows tried to make its way down the street, squeezing between cars and but was unsuccessful at getting any large amounts of snow out of the area.

"Parking, you can see the mountains of snow, we call them icebergs, that's taken the place of our parking spaces, it's an atrocity," Moiler said.

The challenge, according to Mayor Earnest Davis, is that Mount Vernon is densely populated; some streets are very narrow and some have cars parked on both sides like Rich Avenue with a rutted path down the middle.

Buried in ice and snow, other cars haven't been moved in weeks.

"I've lived here 40 years. (Have you ever seen it this bad before?) Never, never," said Nena DeMello, a resident.

While residents have parked on both sides of the streets, they are hoping that it can shift from one side to the other for cleanup.

"Put us on the other side, or tell us don't park on the street certain times of the day and then when everyone is at work, plow it, salt it, something, we're stuck like this," said Julie Riddick, a school van driver.