Jersey City towing, ticketing to aid snow removal effort

Lisa Colagrossi reports on fines facing drivers who don't move their cars from Jersey City streets
February 19, 2014 3:21:57 AM PST
A break in the snow means that cleanup efforts are switching into high gear Wednesday, and that means a warning to drivers in New Jersey's second-largest city.

Front loaders and dump trucks will be out in force in Jersey City all day, clearing the mounds of snow and ice that have piled up from the recent storms.

Parking has been banned on stretches of nearly three dozen roads from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. or until the snow is gone.

Police will go around with the plows and warn people to move their cars. Parking on these streets is permissible if residents are able to move their vehicles when police traveling along with the plows sound their sirens to do so.

"We thank residents for their patience during what has been one of the harshest winters on record," Mayor Steven Fulop said. "With everyone's cooperation, this can be a seamless process that will help improve the mobility of both pedestrians and motorists as well as ease parking conditions."

The city will not ticket or tow most cars left on the street, but officials ask for cooperation from residents to move their vehicles so the work can be done quickly and efficiently.

However, cars that are too close to fire hydrants, located within 25 feet of an intersection or parked too far out in the lane of traffic so as to prevent the passage of plow trucks will be ticketed and impounded.

The roadways include:

  • Central Avenue from North Street to Manhattan Avenue
  • Sip Avenue from Enos Place to Westside Avenue
  • Montgomery Street from Orchard Street to Summit Avenue
  • Ocean Avenue from Kearny to Warner
  • Newark Avenue from Summit Avenue to Tonnelle Avenue
  • Bergen Avenue from Academy to Fairview
  • MLK Drive from Virginia Avenue to Wade Street
  • West Side Avenue from Duncan Avenue to Communipaw Avenue
  • Summit Avenue from Sip Avenue to Pavonia Avenue
  • Monticello Avenue from Jewett Avenue to Storms Avenue
  • Bergen Avenue from Woodlawn Avenue to Stegman Street
  • Newark Avenue from Palisade Avenue to Marin Boulevard

    Once the above phase is completed, crews will begin removing snow from the following streets, which is expected later in the day Wednesday:

  • Christopher Columbus Drive from Marin Boulevard to Hudson Street
  • JFK Boulevard from Secaucus Road to Thorne Street
  • Communipaw Avenue from Suydam to Mallory Avenue
  • Ocean Avenue from Merritt to Danforth Avenue
  • Palisade Avenue from Booraem to Griffith Street
  • Broadway from Tonelle to US 1&9
  • Bergen Avenue from Union Street to Welch Lane (D/E)
  • Danforth Avenue from Ocean Avenue to Old Bergen Road
  • Bergen Avenue from Bramhall to Sackett
  • Old Bergen Road from Danforth Avenue to Pearsall Avenue
  • Paterson Plank Road & Central Avenue - North to Hague & Summit
  • Westside Avenue from Broadway to Jewett Avenue
  • Ocean Avenue from Myrtle to Danforth Avenue
  • Westside Avenue from Audubon to Danforth Avenue
  • Newark Avenue from Waldo to Summit Avenue
  • Westside Avenue from Harrison to Audubon Avenue
  • Mallory Avenue from Fisk to Communipaw Avenue
  • JFK Boulevard from Stevens Avenue to the Bayonne Border

    Anyone with questions or concerns can call the Resident Response Center at 201-547-4900.