Stray voltage closes streets in Chelsea

Kemberly Richardson reports on the street closures
February 19, 2014 2:19:59 PM PST
Con Edison detected stray voltage on Sixth Avenue, between West 26th and 27th streets.

Go home early, that's what everyone inside Serenity Spa was told this afternoon.

Workers at several others neighboring businesses on 6th avenue were told the same thing.

There was good reason to be concerned.

"There is some kind of electricity going on in the walls and metal around," said Raina Harris.

That's right stray voltage in a roughly 2 block section of the avenue, from 25th to 27th street.

Crews tried to track down the source of the problem but were having a tough time pinpointing it, checking manholes was their top priority.

Con Edison says roving crews first noticed the problem at about 4 a.m. What followed was a temporary shutdown to anyone driving or walking there.

The big concern, metal door handles and grates on the sidewalks both Con Ed confirmed were electrified.

Though no person or animal was hurt, many were watching where they walked.

A combination of salt and water, from all of the snow melting, both act as possible conductors of electricity.

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