Winter storms taking a toll on NY area homes

February 19, 2014 2:59:29 PM PST
This has become a winter of discontent for many people in the Tri-state area whose homes, supposed to be shelters from the storm, have become victims of the storm.

Many viewers have been sending in pictures of just how at-risk their homes have become from the elements.

In Congers, for example, the great rooftop cleanup continues, keeping businesses like Hendo Contracting busy. They've cleared almost two dozen roofs this week alone.

"That's pretty much all we're doing right now is pushing everything back to help people out," said contractor Kenny Henderson.

Icicles hanging from gutters, even giant ones, are one thing. But ice along the side of the house or bowing along the eave are clear signs water has gotten inside the overhang, or worse.

Leaks can spring up inside the home, which is what happened for the first time in the 50 years Sam Bulfamanate has lived in his home.

"it's a new roof, new gutters and everything, there was siding. I never expected it to happen. But it happened," said Bulfamante.

Leaks from above are just one concern. So too is all the snow on the ground. As it melts, water could make its way into your basement.

"Water is a primary concern. You can keep your house up great, but water is going to find its way in," said homeowner Rich Buckenberger.

Which is why Rich's sump pump was busy Wednesday, pushing out what was once snowpack. But because there's so much still around, there's nowhere for the water to drain to.

"Without the snow, the rain, the leaders take it out to the street no problem. But everything is blocked, everything is backed up, and water is a definite concern right now."