Officer and bystander's confrontation caught on video

Jim Dolan reports from Crown Heights.
February 19, 2014 8:25:34 PM PST
A nasty faceoff between a cop and a man in a subway station was caught on video.

The NYPD is investigating that video because it shows a cop in the subway, angry that a bystander is recording an arrest.

Was it proper behavior or out of line?

As the video starts, a man is being arrested several feet away from Shawn Thomas, who is shooting the video.

In time, a second officer appears, and soon notices Thomas and his camera.

It is legal for Thomas to be shooting video in the subways, but the officer clearly doesn't like it.

He takes out his own phone, and uses it to cover Thomas' lens.

After walking several feet just to get to Thomas, Thomas says, "You're invading my personal space, you walked 30-feet over here."

It's not at all clear what laws the officer is upholding here, and Thomas isn't going to let it drop.

"You get a lot of command disciplines or just a few?" Thomas asked.

"You ever been arrested?" the officer said.

And after the officer threatens Thomas with arrest, Thomas, clearly agitated, appears to threaten to sue the officer.

"Try it Rojas, do you have a home, is it paid off, go ahead arrest me," Thomas said.

"I'm not going to make it that easy for you," the officer said.

That might have been the best move for the officer, but he isn't done.

"This is my station. Back the *expletive* up," the officer said.

And then, the officer arrests Thomas, a scene which is picked up upstairs by another cell phone, as Thomas is on the ground.

"That ain't cool. Why you got to drag a brother in the snow like that?" the person recording the video said.