Yonkers PD hands out free kids' DNA safety kits

Marcus Solis reports from Yonkers.
February 20, 2014 3:58:59 PM PST
Hundreds of parents are now armed with a new tool in case their children ever go missing.

It's a safety DNA identification kit that can be used in missing children cases, and they were handed out for free in Yonkers Thursday.

At Ridge Hill in Yonkers besides the tickets, the candy, and popcorn, there was another important item to pick up in the movie theatre lobby.

Police officers were handing out kids' identification kits.

It's a simple, but effective, card where parents can store their children's vital information.

Yonkers Police started handing out the safety kits last fall.

The information can be crucial in helping law enforcement find missing children, whether they are the victim of a crime, or abducted as part of a custody dispute.

The kits contain an inking pad for fingerprints, but also a swab for a DNA sample.

There aren't any real privacy concerns because the information remains private and parents hold on to the kits.

The kits cost Yonkers about two dollars apiece, but the mayor says the payoff is peace of mind.

The city has handed out hundreds of kits and is hoping to give out thousands more.