Serial rapist sentenced in Valley Stream attacks

Kristin Thorne reports
February 20, 2014 3:03:24 PM PST
There was emotional testimony during the sentencing of a convicted rapist.

The victim took the stand and faced her attacker, calling him a coward and a low life.

Nashane Peterkin of Queens is only a teenager and will now spend the rest of his youth in prison.

His father hid his face from the cameras after his son's court appearance Thursday afternoon.

Peterkin sexually assaulted a pregnant woman in August as she was walking home in Valley Stream and then raped a woman in Valley Stream State Park a month later.

The attacks terrorized women in the area.

The woman who Peterkin raped told him in court, "What a coward. What a weakling you are to choose a person half your size. Believing you are so tough when in reality you are a low life."

The woman described how he choked her into unconsciousness, dragged her into the woods and raped her, and broke her nose and nearly every rib in her body.

But she told him, "I stand before you now stronger than ever while your life has become a living hell."

Peterkin was sentenced to 20 years in jail and 20 years of post-release supervision.