Drivers being ticketed for parking despite snow piles

Tim Fleischer has the story from Van Cortlandt Park in The Bronx
February 21, 2014 2:48:04 PM PST
The winter storms and piles of snow have made it tough for drivers trying to park their cars.

Some aren't exactly doing perfect parking jobs.

People in the Bronx say they are getting fined for not being parked parallel to the curb.

Winter has been harsh enough and Yvonne Chia did not need a $45 parking ticket.

"What else is new? This is the way it is. I hope we don't have any more snow though," Chia said.

But area drivers say there has been a blizzard of ticketing in the neighborhood south of Van Cortlandt Park. Other drivers from other areas are also seeing the tickets. "I've gotten three tickets and I live in Washington Heights so there is snow everywhere. Parking is hard and you are little out of the street and they will give you a ticket for anything. This has been very difficult to get around," said Carlos Rodriguez, a driver.

With alternate side of the street parking suspended for weeks, drivers say they have no other choice, especially in areas where parking on a normal basis is hard enough. "They got no place else to park, they have to park there. (Tough enough with the snow?) Yeah, and now you've got to pay a ticket," said Dan Gavilan, a driver.

Along Dickenson Avenue, where several angle parked cars were also given tickets, some drivers think there should be angled parking all year round.

"If they were smart, they would let them park this way all the time and look how many more cars you could get. You know, you know, come on," said Brian Falco, a driver.

For now though, it's still parallel parking or risk a $45 ticket.